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if u can’t handle me at my hardcore feminist then u can’t have me at literally any other time bc that’s all i am 24/7

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The list of underrated hip hop artists goes on and on. Brother Ali is ranked high on that list.



The list of underrated hip hop artists goes on and on. Brother Ali is ranked high on that list.


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seeing him tomorrow night

seeing him tomorrow night

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she moved to phoenix for the summer

im happy but kinda nervous.

last time i saw her. i crushed hard.

even in my weak sleep i think of her.


we will see how this plays out.

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i am sick as fuck

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Park Bench Philosopher.

I found God

in a meaningless world.

I found out

the love isn’t that different from hate.

They both come from below

and above.

I don’t contemplate 


I just sit and


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Milo going Hamsteak @ Mercury Lounge in New York City a few nights ago.

Im seeing him tonight!!!

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which means a lot of racist costumes.

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movie date night. she is cuddled on me and enjoying my korean selection.

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Indigenous Underground Music Direct from the Navajo Nation

      This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (October 2-4) will occur the largest D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Music festival in the Four Corners region. This will be the 4th year that this festival is happening and to coincide with the festival a compilation CD of prominent artists playing at the festival will be released. The event will be taking place on the Navajo Reservation, the largest reservation in the United States. The artists performing are predominantly Native American (Dine/Navajo), of whom are raised and reside on the reservation. Many people think that Native Americans only make “traditional music” with hand drums and primitive chants, however, this festival is in direct opposition to this idea. The musicians performing represent innovative and artistic people who refuse to be pigeonholed. Various musical styles will be represented during these three days ranging from Indie, to Hip Hop, to Ska, and Punk.

The compilation features artists that make up the Reservation’s Underground Music Scene. If you ever wondered what the Underground Music of the Navajo people sounded like, this CD will give you a current accurate portrayal. In true D.I.Y. Fashion all music is written, produced, and recorded independently by the artists themselves. No corporate labels, no mainstream producers, just pure music direct from the artist to you.

This album is free to download on Bandcamp with a name your own price deal, and if the listener wishes donations will be accepted, with all proceeds going to the artists.

All inquires can be directed to:

Bandcamp website for the compilation

Track listing For the compilation:

1. Look Away – Ryan Dennison

2. The Reacher (Dj Beeso) - AnTro

3. Nommoc – Kimnusico Trio

4. Shiawee’ – As Indiginas

5. Please Stay – Dikk Noir

6. Voyager – Purple Cats in Slacks

7. Gerbil – Discotays

8. Heads Up ! - End This Year

9. Only You – The Flossies

10. 1<3 Haters – Lo Cash Ninjas

11. Held Whole - Lilith

12. Thank You, Nothing – Dan K.

13. Sleeping Pills And A Broken Alarm Clock – A Road Trip To Europe

14. The Floor – A Guy Called Death

15. Dancing With You – Midnight Stew

16. First Take – Ryan Dennison

17. I Remeber You – Weedrat

18. Ralph – Plantagent Cherokee

[FB] Website for the 4th Indie/Electro/Punk Festival

(Press Release via: Bisóodi Records, Shiprock, New Mexico)

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