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R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

this is the only september 11th post I’m reblogging

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Dubbed terrorists, Mayans fight back against Guatemalan mining projects

The road between the Guatemalan towns of San Miguel Ixtahuacán and Quetzaltenango is guarded by a dozen thin, young, Mayan men in baseball caps and hooded sweatshirts, who mill around a truck parked across the road. “If you are from the mine,” the ringleader says, “you can’t come through.”

A mile or so away, the land falls away into a dust bowl, picked at by heavy machinery – the Marlin gold mine. All along the road, orange cliffs have collapsed onto the tarmac and the air is heavy with the stink of burnt clutches from the trucks that labour up the slope through the mountains, around 50km from Guatemala’s border with Mexico. The volcanic peaks are swaddled in gunsmoke drifts of cloud and patrolled by vultures; scattered settlements of adobe houses overlook a deep green patchwork of maize and coffee fields laid out across the ghosts of old Mayan terraces.

The Mayan Mam village of Agel hangs precariously over the edge of the pit. Crisanta Pérez’s house on the edge of the settlement clings to a steep slope that runs down to a long, turquoise tailings pond.

An intense, soft-spoken woman, “Doña Crisanta” is the figurehead of a peaceful resistance in San Miguel Ixtahuacán that has formed to protest the mine’s continued presence. Dubbed terrorists and enemies of progress by the state, the Frente de Defensa Miguelense is one of several Mayan-led protest groups across Guatemala that are facing down assassinations, detention and intimidation to stop their land becoming part of a continent-wide rush for resources.

“My family and I have been intimidated and criminalised,” Pérez says. “But I won’t give up. Who is going to do it, if not me?”

Pérez and her fellow community leaders say that the Marlin mine has contaminated the water sources that they use to wash and irrigate their crops and that the subterranean explosions have caused houses to collapse – charges that the mine’s owners, the Canadian firm Goldcorp, deny. Newsweek was shown evidence of skin conditions and severe neurological diseases that local health workers believe are the result of heavy metal poisoning, but, without independent medical assessment, their claims are hard to verify.

For the majority, the economic opportunities that the mine promised never materialised. Many, like the men manning the roadblock, sold their land and bought trucks, hoping to haul for the mine – their vehicles, daubed with religious icons, sit idle by the road. The Mayans’ anger goes deeper than individual grievances, however. The Mam, one of several Mayan nations in Guatemala, make up the majority in San Marcos. They number around 650,000 in the western highlands. On the other side of the mine, another nation, the Sipakapa, are also actively resisting the development. Both groups say that they were never consulted before work began on the pit, that their land was simply taken by a central government that does not represent them. This, they say, marks the continuation of centuries of marginalisation and discrimination – what rights they have won have proved secondary to the demands of commerce.

The Mam and Sipakapa see the mine, the government and private security firms as one entity that work together against them. “They have created a social monopoly. The mine comes to divide us, it causes conflict, psychological trauma, social repression,” says Rolando Cruz, a leader of the Movimiento de Resistencia Sipakapense, a resistance group in nearby San Isídro. “And they did not consult us.”

Téodora Hernandez was shot in the head and left blind in one eye by two men who came to ask her why she would not let a road pass through her land. Francisco Javier Hernandez Peréz, a leading voice opposing the development, was doused in petrol and set alight in 2011 by hooded men who identified themselves as supporters of the mine. His wife, Victoría Yóc, witnessed the attack; her neighbours heard her screaming across the mountains. Others have stories of near misses: Miguel Angél Bámaca, a health worker who has documented cases of suspected poisoning, was shot at in his home.The Mayans’ response has been escalating levels of protest and direct action. They have blocked roads, seized mine equipment and led demonstrations against company activities. Their campaign has been met with startling levels of violence.

Often, the violence is perpetrated by members of their own communities. The limited opportunities that the mine offers have created a powerful incentive for the few beneficiaries – Cruz calls them “traitors” – to crack down on dissent. The brutality has only hardened the resistance’s resolve.

“I’m never going to shut up,” says Victor Vicente Pérez, a Mam community leader. “I know I have the right to speak the truth … The [mineworkers] have tried to intimidate me with rumours that one day soon I’ll disappear, but I know I’m fighting for my rights and I’m willing to die for that.”

Marlin is one of over 100 metal mines currently operating in Guatemala. There are close to 350 active licences for exploration or production, with nearly 600 pending as the government, supported by the international financial institutions, promotes the sector as a way to raise revenues. Only 2% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) is based on mining, and the government hopes that the sector may offer a chance at rapid economic growth. Around 75% of the population lives below the poverty line. Infant and child mortality rates are high, and around 50% of children are malnourished.

Full article

Photos: Doña Crisanta & Mayan People’s Council on strike in solidarity with Mayans resisting mining in Guatemala

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She Builds Big Walls

I climb her walls not

to conquer her

but to witness the beauty

that resides in her.

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We Broke Up

What hurt most was that

she wasn’t surprised like me.

I wasn’t prepared.

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We Can Go On Like This

This is our science;

the way we kiss.

Our philosophy demands

late night cuddles.

This is our method;

the way my lips leaves

prints from her neck to her hips.

I know they say we can’t be like this.

This is our life;

so I continue to kiss.

She leaves traces of her on me.

I leaves traces of me in her.

This is our science;

the way we hug.

This is our religion;

the way we connect.

This is our life;

so we live through a soft kiss. 

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Speak Easy

I started drinking with the hopes

that I would vomit all my emotions

for you.

I started drinking with the hopes

that I would black out and forget

the last two years.

I started drinking with the hopes

that I would gain the the courage

to call you.

I started drinking with the hopes

that I could blame on the alcohol

and not me.

I started drinking with a lot of

hopes but never the will to change.

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Soft Spoken Satelites

My notebook sits in the corner because it misbehaved
and explosed my biggest flaws. I could Say
“I miss her” but what good would it do.
The moment they lift off my stern lips, they fall.
Fall into an abyss full of white noise and chaos.
But I do it anyways with
The slight hope that her
Satelites pick up
My lost

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had a bizarre dream about a new girl and an old flame. They both showed up at the same time in my dream. It felt like I was on a date with the new girl but it was with other friends.  For some odd reason I had to choose between them. i ended up going with the new girl. it was the first dream in months. 

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My Author

Razor blades brush across my 5 O’clock shadow

as you tease me on my looks.

Crooked smile but you would always straighten

up my spine like a librarian touching up books.

My cover title is ambiguous but you know

my triumphs and emotional scars.

As others mistook my masquerade

You blew through it like smoke from a cigar.

Quick to mend my broken pages;

you put down your problems and pick up mine.

You could read the lines of my face

and the dialogue in between their spaces.

The verses in my life were inspired by

you so your presence is entwined.

You handled me with care while

others left me broken and troubled.

My face holds your eternal kiss.

My brain keeps your laugh on replay.

You are my caretaker and my author.

I owe you more than I can say.

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